What is the Tactical Athlete?

A tactical athlete is an individual who trains for combat readiness using a comprehensive athletic approach. Tactical athletes use strength, power, speed and agility to improve their combat fitness level to their highest potential.

Our foundation program introduces the athlete to our programming. Even the most experienced operator may have neglected their mobility, recovery, mindset and accessory work. So this program is not only for Recruits, it will be useful for those needing to hit the reset button. For those wanting more detailed coaching or even if you want to test out Frogman’s programs before embarking on the more specialised options.

A progressive 12 week training program forged by Australian Navy Clearance Divers to prepare you for any demanding selection test. We focus on building strength endurance while teaching you to recover smarter and reduce injuries. You will gain physical and mental toughness that will carry over to any sport or combat role.

Designed for the minimalist warrior outside of a gym or on deployment, minimal equipment needed for this 12 week program. It is for the select few who have a hard mind and a willingness to push themselves through dark places to be better. Designed to avoid injuries by making connective tissue tougher and improve aerobic and anaerobic threshold for combat scenarios.

Your commitment to joining the Frogman Project grants access to our team of coaches and community unlocking a wealth of individual education and specialised training. We build our athletes up focusing on a solid foundation before progressing them through our tiered levels. All of our training programs include not only a daily training session but education and resources around health, self maintenance, mental toughness and military specific skills to

“Build the ultimate teammate.”

who we are

Founded by a former Navy Clearance Diver.

Our coaching team is a committed and passionate group of individuals with various backgrounds. Including seasoned strength and conditioning coaches, successful athletes and experienced military personnel from different branches. From personal experience we understand what it takes to join the military or the law enforcement and once in to maintain operational readiness 24/7. We’re our own test dummies and back our products 100%

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What our Athletes have to say

I loved that the workouts had plenty of variety and didn’t get repetitive. My endurance really improved and I went into selection feeling really good. I know NDP was a great investment and would do it again!
Mikey, Clearance Diver Trainee
The community vibe is second to none! There’s no egos, everybody is super supportive, inclusive and actually wants to see each other progress and succeed. It’s awesome! And it’s definitely helped to fill the void that the army left
Nick Cruickshank, Veteran & Coach
Even in the first few weeks of Raider Lite I noticed good improvements in running especially over the 400-1000m distances. Smashed my entry fitness test for the police without breaking a sweat. Love what you guys have created, not just another online BROgram!
Jon G, AUS Police
I make time for mobility now because it’s programmed in TFL. I’m stronger because I stick to the % and progressions. But I’ve got to say I feel a massive difference in the way I approach challenges, mental and physical, thanks to the WMDs. I love em! They suck but I love em!
Nick Cruickshank, Veteran & Coach
As a PT and Strength and Conditioning coach myself I was spending all my time programming and training other clients and neglecting myself. I had faith that the FP boys would deliver a solid program and keep me accountable. And they have!
Nick Cruickshank, Veteran & Coach
I found Raider Lite to be challenging but it also helped me overcome obstacles and build my mental resilience. I did progress with my test results and happy with the outcome of it all.
Michael Miles, AUS Navy
Raider lite was a very deceptive program. At the beginning I flicked through all the workouts and didn’t think they would be too hard... how wrong I was. Being in law enforcement it’s crucial to stay fit so I can do my job. I looked everywhere for a good training program that would suit my needs and help improve my operational fitness and Raider Lite did that. I urge anyone who is interested in pushing themselves and reaching new goals to give Raider Lite a try.
Matt Dominick, AUS Police
I've experienced huge gains in just about every area and have been able to develop some new skills. Before starting on TFL I had never even touched the rings in my life. 2.5 months later and I find myself absolutely loving them and looking forward to the ring complex AMRAPs that have been coming our way. I love the varied nature of the programming and am extremely stoked on both the cardio and strength gains I've experienced. I have loved every bit of programming that I've experienced with Frogman Project and I am especially fond of the community that you have created. Top class.
Anonymous, Canadian SF
I can remember receiving my first TFL workout and being daunted by what was written down on the page. But for many months I worked my way through the program and realised there was far more to training than lifting heavy things. The mental “strength” I gained from the program was probably the most understated advantage I developed.
Tim Hatton, NT K9 Police
In my current job with the police, I have to deploy to areas where gym equipment is scarce and with Raider Lite I had no issues continuing with my training despite the lack of equipment.
Matt Dominick, AUS Police

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