About Frogman Project

Our Coaches

Our coaching team is a committed and passionate group of operatives. Including seasoned strength and conditioning coaches, successful athletes and experienced veterans. From personal experience we understand what it takes to be a tactical athlete and maintain operational readiness 24/7. We’re our own test dummies and back our products 100%.

Please note that due to our coaches being operational they may not always be available on demand. Some of our coaches also have to remain anonymous due to their career in the Tactical environment. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Follow a program tried and tested producing a well rounded tactical athlete.

Our Values

Our biggest goal is to Build The Ultimate Teammate! To do this our athletes are . . .

  • Physically capable
  • Mentally strong
  • A leader and a supporter
  • Extremely disciplined
  • Respectful
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Our work ethic is strong
  • We are always prepared
  • Brotherhood and community is everything

Veteran Support

Because of first hand experience and witnessing fellow teammates struggle through the transition to civilian life, we support veterans in every way we can. If you are a veteran run business, know someone doing cool shit or have a sick idea to collaborate then please reach out to contact@frogmanproject.com

Want to know more before diving in?