Our Athletes

Our Athletes

Your goals and or career are physically demanding and mentally challenging. You need to be on your A game constantly. You’re semi fit (or humbly really fit), interested in health and fitness but from a core level, no bullshit.

  • You’re thirsty for knowledge, know how to find it and believe others should be self-reliant as well!
  • You’re a hard worker and dedicated to see results.
  • You surround yourself with likeminded people who push you everyday.
  • You have a strong desire for discovery always absorbing information and motivation.
  • You’re independent, not a follower but look to your friends and competition for inspiration and advice.
  • If you are won over, you are loyal and supportive.
  • You rebel against authority however you thrive in a team environment and take direction well.
  • You believe in the brotherhood, love thy neighbour, possess traditional values and seek positive change.

Are you one of us . . . ?

The Navy Diver Prep program was nothing short of a great, well designed, and challenging program. It helped me improve on my tactical and bodyweight fitness for my job. On top of that, with this program I achieved personal bests on my 2.4km run, cadence pull-up test, and 500m freestyle time. The Navy Diver Prep program would definitely serve justice in fitness for those working in the military, or crossfit enthusiasts looking for a tactical element in their training routine.
Tere, Australian Military
Starting out as an original member of The Frogman Project I built my training foundation through the Navy Diver Prep program. Ben and the team have built me up from scratch and taught me everything I know about training, especially as I train out of my home gym. I can't recommend them enough.
Sam Devine, CDAT Hopeful
I know if I never joined TFL and Frogman Project I wouldn’t have this new mindset and attribute all the fitness success I’ve had is from following you guys. Thanks heaps bro!! Kapooka gonna be a piece of cake . . .
Zac Hurst, Army Recruit
This article on grip strength and everything else you boys are doing is f**king on point! I’ve had grip issues since a wrist reconstruction from Rugby and got 10 times worse since going through singo digging them def ops pits. Absolutely love what you guys are bringing to the table. Keep this shit coming!!
Brendan Jones , TFL Graduate
I think the community that exists around The Frogman Project is awesome. Everyone is always willing to help you out, share their experiences, and most importantly motivate you to achieve more. I've learnt a lot about training and what you can achieve just from being apart of the group.
Sam Devine, Frogman Project OG
I enjoy training alone, but I like that there is still a community to connect and compare results
James Smith, AUS Police Officer

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