December ATHLETE Focus

December ATHLETE Focus

David Ironside

He is one of those athletes churning away in the background to emerge as an Operator with a killer squat. Battling some mobility issues he started at Recruit level and within 6 months he is now tackling our top tier level as an Operator.

With a history in Soccer and finding bodybuilding in 2013, David knew he was lacking in certain areas so was hunting for a program to help him reach his goals that included endurance, strength and mindset elements. After following Frogman for a while he thought “why not jump on and get the ball rolling.”

Here’s what he had to say:

You started 6 month ago on Recruit, what level are you on now?

The programming was a big change from what I was doing originally, standing in front of a mirror and lifting weights hoping for the best and pushing through injuries. I started on recruit and pushed myself everyday even doing the extra optional workouts. I pushed myself running swimming, rowing, carrying weights and I stepped up to graduate, floundering a bit thinking that I moved up too quick. But I found my fitness increasing by the minute and my mindset changing, becoming more and more positive, willingly empowering and happier. Only recently I’ve started on operator and I’ve met my challenge but I love it!

What is your current job and or career goals?

At the moment I’m a truck driver for a plumbing company which has a high demand of fitness, lifting, carrying and long hours of driving. I also found I have mobility issues and that’s where Frogman has helped. Long hours in a truck doesn’t help either. My career goal at the moment is getting into the ADF (Army) also again that’s where Frogman has sparked my interest. I tried 10 years ago and didn’t pass to get in.

What do you enjoy the most about Frogman?

Would definitely be the knowledge of the coaches and the connection that they bring to the table making sure all the athletes are well equipped with information, great programming and advice!

David is a community motivator with a relentless push to be better as an athlete and human. His determination to progress will likely see him reach his goals of becoming an Australian Defence Force member. We wish him all the best!

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