Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a certain level of fitness to start one of the programs?

Yes. Each program has a recommended baseline requirement. If you’re about 80% there you should be good to go for it. If not, we recommend starting on Recruit in TFL to build a solid foundation. If unsure, email us

I am somewhere in the middle of the TFL levels, what should I do?

Start at the level below. This is a progressive program designed to keep you levelling up while staying functional and mobile. Be committed and you will progress quickly. Trust in the program!

I am a Recruit but want to do more than 3 days.

In Recruit we include optional workouts for those feeling good and wanting extra workload.

Is there a lock in contract for TFL?

There is no lock in contract and you can cancel anytime however to gain results you must commit to a minimum 3 months of programming and do the work!

What sort of equipment will I need?

Each program has a list of equipment needed however we encourage you to be adaptive and creative

I want to be a Clearance Diver, what is the right program for me?

To be honest they would all get you ready but within NDP we have considered the current selection requirements, communicate with Navy PTIs and input Ben’s years of experience on the job.

Who are our coaches?

Our coaching team is a committed and passionate group of operatives. Including seasoned strength and conditioning coaches, successful athletes and experienced veterans of the RAN Clearance Diving branch. From personal experience we understand what it takes to join the Australian Defence Force and once in to maintain operational readiness 24/7. We’re our own test dummies and back our products 100%.

Can I get support from the coaches?

Yes. You will also have access to the Facebook Group where our coaches interact with our strong community. You always have us on email and we’re always looking for ways to get the community together. Please note that due to our coaches being operational they may not always be available on demand. Some of our coaches also have to remain anonymous due to their career in the Tactical environment. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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