How to be SUCCESSFUL as a Frogman Project ATHLETE

How to be SUCCESSFUL as a Frogman Project ATHLETE

These knowledge bombs are a small insight into our Athletes on-boarding process. We don’t only provide  the program but we coach you to understand why we do what we do.

This is a great resource if you are new to Frogman, an OG or not even one of our athletes. Remember what’s important, use your coaches and community and put in the hard yards.

Stick to the tempo and percentages

Our programming is progressive and the tempo and percentages have been calculated, trialed and tested to ensure continual progression. If you mess with the numbers, you mess with your progress.

Don’t skip the boring shit

It’s tempting to skip proper warm ups, mobility, the accessory and rehab work. This stuff is designed to improve your tissue resilience and joint mobility. Meaning fewer injuries and a better moving body. Don’t get caught up with just working hard and hurting. The name of the game is longevity and health with your strength and endurance. Put the time in!

When you enter the pain cave, remember this

When the pain starts to build and everything hurts, focus on slowing your breath (the box breathing is great for this) softening your muscles and joints. Use this moment to relax the body and let tension leak away allowing movement to become effortless and fluid. It allows mental control of your body and lowers cortisol release, reduces lactic acid build-up and reduces rate of fatigue.

Use the Frogman Project Athletes group

The athletes who throw themselves into the community and use the group for feedback and inspiration often achieve the best results. It’s a great resource available for you, take advantage of it! You can search previously discussed topics related to programming or even kit setup, gear, signature workout times etc.

Essential program elements to remember

When training for complex environments, we must develop complex and diverse capabilities – abilities that can be expressed in any state of mind, recovery, weather, environment and even relation to gravity.

To train this we must use superior tools that express balance, coordination of single limbs as well as bilateral movements.

We must express complexity AND intensity of load and get you used to performing in unknown variables – including pulling yourself back up right whilst under something, or up and over a high object whilst weighted down, fatigued or wet.

Other considerations might be – how fast or slow you need to pull something, if you need to be quiet or if speed is key or even if you know what is on the other side of that ledge you must jump, or if you have no idea but you MUST go over NOW, and have the ability to adapt instantly and have a physical capacity to DEAL with what is there.

This significant challenge in programming and learning (by your body and mind) means that we must be draconian in our selection of tools. ONLY putting in what MUST be present, what WILL have the broadest transfer to all areas, and what will allow you to RECOVER enough from the huge volume of learning.

Don’t do extra training for small ideas of physical expression you think is not being developed, ask us first, if we agree it’s not being developed we will provide a tool for you. Most often you will find we have considered your needs and possible requirements and have programmed accordingly. If it’s not in our programming, it’s superfluous for getting you where you need to be. 

Don’t do extra volume, do this instead

Extra volume of training takes away from your ability to recover and get stronger, faster, leaner or more capable. If you NEED to add more physicality to your program, we encourage you to add sessions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai or surfing into your training. Don’t add strength training. Don’t add runs. Don’t add more demands on the body. Use some expressions of outlet that will develop you further, change the stimulus on the body and its tissues to avoid overuse injuries and make you better at what you want to do.

Prioritise that which is important, remove what doesn’t help you get there.

Above all else – trust in us, your coaches and do the work!

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