January ATHLETE Focus

January ATHLETE Focus

Jack Branch

This athlete is a deadset legend and inspiration to the coaching team. He has been around since the beginning and calls himself Frogman’s biggest fanboy. He has recently beat testicular cancer and his positive outlook and determination to get back in the game after such hardship is nothing short of admirable.

Jack is a serving member of the ADF with some solid goals to work with the elite. He is a positive force in our community and a fire is lit for 2018! We can not wait to see how Jack transitions over the year. Here is what he has to say:

Why did you join Frogman in the first place?

I was slowly making the transition to a ‘Tactical Athlete’ but hadn’t found a program that I could get truly passionate for so I lacked commitment. I first saw Frogman on Instagram and kept hovering over the website every couple of days for a few weeks before I decided to give it a crack and try the OG ‘Navy Diver Prep’. I still didn’t commit as much as I should’ve but the community support, the accessibility to the coaches and the different view towards training is what has kept me here for so long and set me on the path to reach my goals. There are no egos, and that’s what you need if you want to continually grow.

What is your current job and or career goals?

I currently work in Compliance for my local Council and in the Army Reserve as an Admin Clerk. As for Career goals, I’d like to go full-time in the ADF and attempt (and pass!) selection for Special Forces. I didn’t think I was built for it when I first joined, but people grow and change and that’s now my focus.

You are literally one of the OG from way back. How have you progressed with Frogman?

I think I must be the biggest fanboy in the Frogman Project! I started with OG NDP and then moved onto QDF when it first started up until I think roughly a month after it morphed into TFL before the wheels (temporarily) fell off the vehicle that is my life and I had to step away for a period of time. I re-committed around October 2017 with renewed vigour and bought Raider Lite and NDP v2 (I had to see how it had changed and couldn’t wait twelve weeks). I’m currently working through Raider Lite and have somehow managed to survive 4 weeks of it. It’s been amazing to see Frogman evolve from a relatively rag-tag operation with one program and a Facebook group into this budding powerhouse it has become. Merch that can turn anyone into a good looking rooster, multiple programs to choose from for all levels, Coaches who actually care and a community to lean on and give back to.

What has been your biggest improvement since joining Frogman?

Hard to specify really! The obvious choice would be that I’m more balanced than I used to be. I’m not as fit as I have been overall, but while my strengths aren’t as strong, I’ve plugged up glaring weaknesses in Mobility and Endurance. My approach to training and life is what I’d have to say though. I’ve embraced the suck and don’t shy away from running or burpees now – I just do them. I’ve cut sugar out of my coffee and meal prep healthy meals for lunch to avoid heading towards a pie or sausage roll and I actually do my Mobility now. I’ve grown as a person and learnt so much, and then having what I already believed / knew re-affirmed by like-minded individuals lets me know I’m on the right path.

What’s your sporting / training background?

I’ve had a crack at most sports but I played Rugby League for ten years and Cricket for four. I never reached an elite level but I had fun and met some great people. I trained Muay Thai for 4 years and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 3 years, I have a Blue Belt and a couple of 3rd places at small regional comps. The plan is to start training again as soon as I have the time. I have a Cert III in Fitness and I’m currently studying towards my Cert IV, I probably learn more from the coaches here though, thankfully.

What do you enjoy the most about Frogman?

The people and community surrounding it. It’s crazy, I hassle Ben on an almost daily basis with dumb questions that I could probably answer myself with enough searching and he always responds. The coaches actually care about all the athletes and are invested in making sure they reach their potential. I’ve also seen so many FP Athletes chase and reach their goals and dreams with the help of the team and it’s really humbling to see and an awesome sight.

I also can’t go past the programming, it’s insanely challenging! The feeling I get after finishing a session is unbelievable. And everything is neatly packaged, I know if I follow the programming and give 100% all my fitness needs will be hit at once and I’m making sure I tick all the boxes to be limber, strong, fast, and be able to last like all Tactical Athletes need in their day to day lives.

You’re a legend! Anything else?

Thanks to everyone who has supported me after having Testicular Cancer. It’s pretty daunting and at times you step back and just think ‘what the f**k’. Since getting the all-clear and starting to get back to life as normal and chase my goals again, everyone from the Coaches to the other Athletes have been incredibly supportive. 2017 was probably the low point of my life thus far, but I’m determined to make 2018 the high point (until 2019). I don’t think I’d be in as good a place in life right now without Frogman Project. Can’t wait to see all the team crush their goals in 2018 and repay their support by crushing my own! And remember, a nut is just a nut, you only need one.

EDIT: Jack has continually been working hard and the results are showing. . .

Jack Branch frogman project athlete

He really is a perfect example of the ultimate teammate!

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