Make A Plan, Work The Plan

Make A Plan, Work The Plan

The Illusion of New Years Resolutions

So, 2019 is coming to an end and 2020 is around the corner. It’s the time of the year everyone sets new goals and make promises to themselves for a better life and make plans how to achieve their dream. All the gyms are full in January of people who are pumped to follow their promise of training more, take care of themselves etc. And that’s great right? Yes and no. Why? Because most of the people can’t follow their plan, they are not serious about it. After two weeks in February you can see how the gyms gets emptier and emptier, people who quit because this wasn’t for them, it required discipline and consistency, it’s hard to do it day after day, they don’t have the time, hanging out with friends was more fun and more important. This is the average and mediocre ones. But that’s NOT you! I encourage you to make new year’s resolutions and make your plan. But not because it’s a new year and you can start at a blank sheet so this time it will work. But because it’s a great time to reflect of the past year and make a plan for the upcoming one. According to me every day is a new year and a great day to make a plan.

Make Your Plan And Stick To It

Take a pen and a paper (not on your phone or in your head, real pen and paper!) and write down what you did good this year and what you could’ve done better. Learn from your mistakes.
Continue to write down your plan for the year. Start big with your end goal. What do you want to achieve? Is it to pass a SOF selection? Or win a particular competition? Becoming a better and more trained team member? Whatever it is, find out what you have to do to accomplish it. Make research, reach out to people who have knowledge and experience in the particular area. When you’ve done that, make smaller plans. Monthly plans, weekly plans and daily plans. Make sure to stick to your plan and evaluate it all the time. Does the plan work? If not, what are you doing wrong and what could you change and do better? Make a plan, work the plan.

And the important part in all this, you really have to decide that your plan is the most important thing, and nothing can get in the way of it. It’s going to demand huge focus from you. You’re going to have to do sacrifices. Nothing comes for free. It’s all about hard work, discipline and consistency. Discipline to follow your plan and consistency to do it day in and day out. No matter what party your friends are going to, no matter what’s on the telly, no matter what anyone says to you or think about you. No matter what! And I promise you, your brain is going to try to trick you. Try to trick you to skip that workout on Saturday night and hit the club instead, to skip that healthy meal and eat a pizza instead. And it’s going to try to justify it with excuses that sounds good and fair at the moment. “Just today”, “you’re worth it”, “you need a day off”. All this is just a lie, because the brain is wired to take the path of least resistance. Don’t let it! When you’re in one of those situations, when your brain is trying to trick you, ask yourself this simple question: “Is this going to take me closer to my goal?” If the answer is no don’t do it.

Make a plan, work the plan. Let’s crush 2020!

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