March ATHLETE Focus

March ATHLETE Focus

Matt Dominick

Has been a Frogman Project Athlete for over a year now and somewhat of a silent assassin. He is quiet, cordial and very humble. He works hard behind the scenes and his results show it. Matt is a member of the AUS Police Force, has goals to work within the dog handling team, has a killer LOMT time and says “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Here’s his interview . . .

We’d like to look over your time as a Frogman Athletes and paint a picture of what your journey has looked like so far.

What part of your training has improved the most?

Before starting my training with Frogman Project, my mobility was pretty poor and although I was still pretty fit due to years of sport, I’d often find it tough to transfer that fitness to my line of work as a Police Officer.

Since commencing my training with Frogman Project, I’ve noticed considerable improvements in the gym with my mobility, run times and strength But most of all, I’d have to say the improvements in my physical ability to perform as a police officer.

Why did you join Frogman in the first place, what were you looking for and what are your goals?

Since joining the police my main goal has always been becoming a general purpose dog handler. Knowing this can involve long distance runs while navigating obstacles all while maintaining a high level of mental focus, I wanted a training program that would help me perform better at work and prepare me for the future as a dog handler.

That’s awesome! And what do you enjoy the most about Frogman?

The knowledge of the coaches and the constant change in programming to get the most out of your athletes. The community of athletes who are all striving to be the “ultimate teammate” is what makes Frogman Project stand out and keeps me coming back.

What is your current struggle you’re trying to overcome?

I’m currently struggling with a recurring calf injury that has been a thorn in my side for a while now. This injury means I have to tailor my training around the injury whilst trying to rehabilitate it and not injure it further.

The most important thing I have learnt is to take the time to look after your injuries when they first happen and to not get disheartened. Fitness is a lifetime journey littered with speed bumps, you just have to work through them.

Tell us your journey through Frogman, what programs have you done?

I started Frogman project with the Tactical Fitness League (TFL). I then jumped at the chance to complete the 12 week raider lite program which I absolutely loved. I’m back to being a TFL athlete now working my way through Operator level and am looking to complete raider lite again in the near future.

What’s your favourite FP signature workout?

The workout I probably had fun with the most was Last of the Mohicans. I initially did this workout and completed it in 26mins and 42 seconds. I have since tried it again and reduced my time to 23mins and 18 seconds.

Last of The Mohicans Frogman Project Signature Workout

What are you doing outside of physical training to help you towards your goals?

Reading has always been an enjoyable way of learning for me. Other than that, getting out with the guys from the local dog squad and taking a few bites from their dogs is always a great learning experience.

What books, podcasts etc have you found really helpful?

I’m currently reading The subtle art of not giving a f**k which has been an eye opener. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the podcasts from Jocko Willink. Both are excellent for mindset development and would recommend them to anyone.

If you could send advice back to yourself a few years ago, what would you say? Would you approach anything differently?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are gonna be things in life that are gonna suck. You can either dwell on them or move on and get back to work. Other than that, I probably wouldn’t change too much, I’ve made a thousand mistakes but they have also been learning experiences that shape the person I am today.

Nutrition – Are you following any rule of thumb or specific diet? What’s your favourite or go to meal?

I don’t generally follow too much of a specific diet. I just try and keep what I eat as natural as possible. I try and stay away from soft drink and refined sugar. My go to meal would be natural peanut satay chicken and spinach, plenty of protein and good fats and it only takes about 15 minutes to make.

Matt, signing out –

Just want to thank the Frogman Project team, your knowledge and coaching is second to none. And to all the other athletes, you guys are killing it. Keep working hard!

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