November ATHLETE Focus

November ATHLETE Focus

Alex Dopper

would have to be one of our most hard working members and his results speak for itself. Since joining Frogman he understands the dedication and commitment that’s required to progress and he is doing just that! He recently ran an ultra-trail marathon and now his goal is to join the Army, hopefully qualifying for SFDRS.

Coming from a sporting background, state level cricket and doing a fair bit of endurance training with a few Crossfit sessions in between, Alex was hunting for a training program for military and SF selection prep. He knew he had found the right one after reading our article “what are you actually training for?

Alex says – “It completely reset my expectations as to what’s required to achieve my goals – that it’s not just about Crossfit workouts or lifting weights. But rather having a program with targeted methodologies that incorporate not just strength but endurance, mobility, mindset, consistency, longevity, work ethic and attitude.

It was a perfect reality check for me too, I realised that there’s plenty of work to be done. But while the journey ahead might be long, having invested coaches and a program that I could trust was the best first step possible. As I’ve trained TFL and moved to custom programming, that training pathway and my intentions have only become clearer.”

TFL recruit was a perfect starting point for Alex. Improving with every week of programming he progressed to graduate level within TFL. Those improvements have only grown as he moved to custom programming that’s targeted towards his goals and areas of opportunities. He said “working with Coach Sean has been awesome with all the feedback, advice and guidance.”

“I’ve definitely made significant progress physically since joining Frogman. Particularly with realising the importance of things like mobility which I hadn’t given enough thought to beforehand.”

“The thing I like most about Frogman is it’s built around developing a broad range of capabilities. It brings variety to the training but also means I know I’m not neglecting anything. I also love the energy and enthusiasm the team brings! The “No half-arse” and “Let’s do this!” attitude!”

Alex follows the programming laid out before him, trusting the process and he gains the results. He works hard and isn’t afraid to regress in order to improve which shows great maturity and drive. We love watching Alex progress, he deserves it!!

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