Podcast INTERVIEW with Frogman Project Founder BEN MITCHELL

Podcast INTERVIEW with Frogman Project Founder BEN MITCHELL
Ben diving with Tommy from 15 Fathoms (Rimpac Hawaii)

Our deep sea brothers over at 15 Fathoms wanted to talk to founder Ben Mitchell about the Frogman Project. In this fun and interesting interview you will hear them talk about why Frogman started, what drives the business and where it’s going. Ben’s personal experience climbing the ladder of his Navy career to a Clearance diver. What it took from him to be successful and how he shares this with FP members today.

They talk about . . .

  • Why Frogman started and what drives the Projects values
  • The difficulties transitioning from one job to another within the ADF
  • The importance of water confidence for a Clearance Diver
  • We talk about the importance of “how much do you really want it”
  • What is Ben’s background and how it prepared him for joining the Navy
  • How he merged his 2 passions to create a business that gives back
  • Why Frogman is different to other training platforms and how it could help people wanting to join the ADF
  • How Ben is building one of Australia’s first training platforms for the tactical athlete and what to expect in the near future

Episode Two

Jan 26, 2017: On this episode our favorite Aussie, Ben Mitchell (Former Frogman), talks about what it takes to do what he does. Also, we find out what Australia Day is… by the way HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! Plus our dive weeks, Tommy’s injuries and a question about umbilical management. Enjoy everyone (world wide)!

Click HERE to listen.

Cheers to the boys at 15 Fathoms. Check out their site and awesome deep sea apparel HERE.

Happy Australia Day!

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