Custom Program

You will work closely with your coach defining your current abilities and fine tuning your goals to create a detailed 6 week program.

Frogman Project Custom programming

This isn’t just a 6 week program, you will work directly with our coaches having access to them via your private Facebook group, emails or Skype to get you to where you need to be.

There are no baseline requirements and we can work with whatever equipment you have, all you need is commitment and determination. We not only work with SF, ADF or first responders but all athletes recently including ultra marathon, Crossfit and obstacle race competitors. 6 weeks of programming and coaching is $230.

We have very limited spaces available and can’t always take on new athletes. If you’re working towards a goal with an entry date we suggest you secure your spot as soon as possible. To increase your chances of securing a custom program we suggest you get super clear on what your goals are, pick a few not 50!

Before you can purchase this program we need to know a little more.

    If you’re not ready or didn’t secure a spot, we suggest joining the Tactical Fitness League. You have access to our coaches and community of Athletes until you’re selected for custom.

    Want to know more before diving in?