Raider Lite

Raider Lite is your 12 week program designed for the minimalist warrior whether outside of a gym or on deployment, minimal equipment needed for this one.

It is for the select few who have a hard mind and a willingness to push themselves through dark places to be better. Designed to avoid injuries by making connective tissue tougher and improve aerobic and anaerobic threshold for combat scenarios. This program has been our most asked for to date! One to follow on deployment with minimal equipment. However most of you were under the impression that while away, travelling or not having access to the gym your strength would decline, not true!

What if we told you you could actually take advantage of the situation and reach your goals, Therefore return and take what is yours!

RL has been designed in a minimalist way to allow maximal structural balance, athletic potential to be displayed and to develop a huge capacity for punishment on the body. It will help to avoid injuries by making connective tissue tougher, improve aerobic and anaerobic threshold for combat scenarios. It will improve basic strength needs to an elite level, whether you are pulling yourself and your kit out of the ocean, climbing a mountain, grappling for your life or dragging a perp to the ground after a long and intense chase through urban environments. We are making a modern, minimal warrior. Taking old lessons, combining it with new tools and understanding.

What’s required of you?

You may be looking to improve your chances of passing a long arduous training course, passing selection into an elite unit or just wanting to be shredded, strong and feel dangerous physically. This is not a program anyone can start, and it’s not a program everyone will finish. This is for those select few who have a hard mind and a willingness to push themselves through dark places to be better. This is for every man or woman that wants to BE a warrior and train LITE.

Baseline Requirements

  • 5 pull ups
  • 5 dips
  • Muscle-up ideal but not necessary
  • Pistol squat or at least pistol assisted
  • 2.4 km run unbroken
  • Swim 200 m unbroken

What equipment do I need access to?

  • Skipping rope / speed rope
  • Rings / pull up bar / wall / tree. But rings are a great investment
  • One light and one heavy resistance band (iron woody are great)
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Metal chopstick or thai acupressure wooden tool
  • Somewhere to run and / or somewhere to swim

What do I get?

A digital copy of Raider Lite includes 12 weeks of programming with the last week being test week, we call it ‘selection week’ a proper hard one too! Modelled on a combined Royal Marines / SBS basic fitness test.

Throughout the program we scatter our Pro Tips on nutrition, recovery, or anything else that will dramatically increase your performance. These are golden nuggets our Coaches picked up during all of our experience in the military and as athlete’s. They are often overlooked, and they will make big impacts in your performance.

As a member of The Frogman Project you gain access to our team of coaches always on hand to answer questions and offer support where needed.

You also gain access to an overflow of support and encouragement from a community of people training for the tactical environment – our members describe it as a camaraderie. You will be part of a private Facebook group of people just like you. Social support can mean everything. When you want to quit or skip a workout, our members will keep pushing you.

Raider Lite – $99

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