Tactical Fitness League

Frogman Project’s Tactical Fitness League is your ongoing weekly training program. Using decades of operational and physical performance experience, we use intelligent program design and periodization to turn you into Tactical Operators!

What is a Tactical Athlete?

A tactical athlete is an individual who trains for combat readiness using a comprehensive athletic approach. Tactical athletes use all facets of strength, power, speed and agility to improve their combat fitness level to their highest potential.

How can you become a Tactical Athlete?

To achieve your goals you will need to be a well rounded athlete – built with the right levels of STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, POWER and WORK CAPACITY. Beyond this you need a FOCUSED, CALM and RESILIENT mind that can endure the toughest of times.

The Tactical Fitness League gives you exactly that!

Using the seven fundamental movements of push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry, rotation and counter-rotation as the basis of your program and assessment. We then build a program that works for you using our 3 tiered system.

This is not just a daily workout! We include educational resources, athletic tricks of the trade, nutrition advice, ongoing support, motivation and inspiration, recovery tools and access to our strong community. Educating the athlete for self assessment and building confidence is key.

Our community meet up regularly and drill key skills. Watch some members in WA . . .

The community is probably the best part! Surrounding yourself with driven, athletic people constantly giving advice and seeing others smash their goals is highly motivating.

What’s required of you?

To develop such an athlete we use methods such as strongman training, pack marching, parkour style movements, calisthenics and neurological adaptations to various demands are just some of the tools you will work with.

The versatility of our program is second to none. To ensure constant improvement we have 3 tiers within TFL – Recruit, Graduate and Operator. To determine which tier will be right for you we have a baseline test to get you where you need to be for your goals and current ability. We recommend you start on Recruit and move up from there. You may be strong or fit but this program demands more from you.


3 sessions a week

@ 1 hr a session.

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Pushups
  • 5 Supine rows
  • 10 Air squats
  • 50% Body weight deadlift
  • Tread water for 3 min
  • 400 m run in less than 1:20 min.



5 sessions a week

@ 1.5 hr a session

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Pull-ups
  • 5 Dips
  • Body weight squat with 80% BW or more
  • 120% Body weight deadlift
  • 1 x 5 m rope climb with legs
  • 100 m swim in less than 3 min.
  • 400 m run in less than 60 sec.



6 days a week @ 2-3 hrs a day,

divided between 1-2 sessions

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Ring muscle-ups
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • Body weight squat with 150% BW or more
  • 2 x Body weight deadlift
  • 3 x 5 m rope climb with no legs
  • 500 m swim in less than 10 min + 5 min tread water.
  • 800 m run in less than 2:20 min.


We don’t take any slackers! To be successful and gain results you must be ready to be uncomfortable, willing to try new things and committed to the program.

What equipment do I need access to?

Be adaptive and creative but . . .

  • Rings
  • Pull up bar
  • Barbell and squat rack
  • Dumbbells
  • Crossfit wooden boxes
  • Heavy odd object/s
  • Access to a place to swim
  • Pack
  • Resistance bands
  • Elements of the great outdoors like a 1-3 m high wall maybe…

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.

Im really benefiting from the program and can’t wait for my enlistment date to put it all to good use.
— Jarrah (Original TFL member)

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