September ATHLETE Focus

September ATHLETE Focus

Sam Devine

is constantly testing his comfort zone and it’s no surprise he is consistently improving. He has come to our FP training meet ups and thrown himself into our community, eager to learn.

Sam just qualified as a solo sky diver and he can often be found training by himself on the beach in the middle of the night. His dedication is inspiring and motivating!

Sam shares his experience with Frogman –

Having largely come from a swimming background, I had no real sense of land-based training and the flexibility of a wooden board.

Starting out as an original member of The Frogman Project, in 2015, I built my training foundation through the Navy Diver Prep program. Now with the TFL, I have a weekly, structured program so there’s no procrastinating about what I should do each day for training, and there is always something that’ll test you each week.

I think the community that exists around The Frogman Project is awesome. Everyone is always willing to help you out, share their experiences, and most importantly motivate you to achieve more. I’ve learnt a lot about training and what you can achieve just from being apart of the group.

Ben and the team at The Frogman Project have taught me everything I know about training, especially as I train out of my home gym, and they have built me up from scratch. I can’t recommend them enough.

Sam is an asset to our community and a well deserving Athlete of the month!

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