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Get the EXACT TRAINING, VETERAN GUIDANCE, and the COMMUNITY I wish I had when I was training to be a Clearance Diver…

So that you go into any selection, recruit school, operations mission, distress call, or tactical scenario armed with the best physical and mental preparation to ensure you succeed.

Get my complete training and coaching that’s designed specifically for those in the tactical environment — Including:

  • Australian Defence Force and Special Forces
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters
  • Weekend Warriors looking to reach their highest levels of physical and mental performance

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Frogman project is epic! Fitness improved drastically and I love how they still throw in the strength days to ensure overall self improvement. The diversity of the program ensures you’re trying new things every week and never get stagnant and yet still constantly moving forward and achieving your goals.

Jake Sandilands, Transit Guard and Army Reserves


If you’ve thought about joining the Australian Defence Force or Australian Special Forces, then you’ve probably had thoughts like these…

  • “Do I really have what it takes?”
  • “Should I do this? Is this right for me?”
  • “How the hell would I even get ready for selection?”

Or if you’re currently in a tactical role as part of the ADF, Police force, or Firefighter, and
you’ve had thoughts like…

  • “How do I train so I can perform my duty at the highest level?”
  • “I don’t have any support or guidance in my training — it’s like I’m figuring all this shit out on my own.”
  • “How do I avoid injuries and stay in the game as long as I can?”

Then it can feel like you are alone.

And like there’s nothing out there that actually helps you answer these burning questions…

I know…because that’s exactly how I felt.

My name is Ben Mitchell — I’m a 10 year veteran of the Royal Australian Navy and I spent 5 years as a Clearance Diver.

On paper it looks like I had it all figured out…

I passed my Clearance Diver selection on the first go and even graduated Dux of my recruit class.

But the truth is…I knew I wanted to be a Clearance Diver…I just had no idea how to actually train for it.

The Brutal Truth: Training For A Tactical Career Is Not Just Hard…It’s Incredibly Isolating

I trained for 5 years to pass my Clearance Diver selection…without ever actually knowing if I was ready.

It was one long struggle full of injuries, fuck ups, and self-doubt.

But the most brutal part of it all was the tunnel vision I had…the feeling that it was me vs the whole world…

And that no one else was out there going through the same shit I was.

But I managed to just push through it.

After I made it and was in active duty, I couldn’t stop thinking about how isolating those 5 years were…

I didn’t have anyone who’d already been through it to look to for guidance…

And I didn’t have anyone that was also training for the tactical environment to look to for camaraderie.

When others in the ADF, Special Forces, and Police Force started approaching me for guidance and help with their training, I realized that I wasn’t the only one with those problems.

I realized there was still nothing out there that gave the social support and ultra-specialized training that tactical athletes need.

And when I looked back on my own journey to becoming a Clearance Diver, I knew there had to be a much easier way…

I realized what I really needed when I was training for selection and while I was a Clearance Diver, were three things…

The Three Things Everyone In A Tactical Career Needs: Community, Training, And Guidance

I realized that my journey through selection and the early years as a Clearance Diver could have been so much easier if I just had:

  • A community of people all training for the same purpose (to perform in the tactical environment) that would motivate me and support me
  • The exact physical and mental training that would best prepare me for selection and operations missions.
  • Guidance from someone who’s been through it already — someone who could coach me and answer my questions.

And from that point on, I made it my mission to create exactly that for all the people that would come in after me.

How I Built The Perfect Program For Tactical Athletes

I wanted this to be the best training available to anyone working in the tactical environment.

So I partnered up with the best trainer and coach I could find — a long time friend who truly understands the training needs of tactical athletes.

He played professional rugby and has been a strength and conditioning coach for 15 years.

And he traveled all over the world for 5 years, simply to learn as many fitness training methods as he could.

Now he’s training to join the UK Special Forces — so he’s walking the walk as we speak…

And I brought him onboard — (because he has to remain anonymous until he passes selection, you can refer to him as “Coach Smith”).

Then I recalled everything I wished I had during my selection and active duty.

I thought about all the roadblocks and injuries…

The specific physical and mental training I learned only after being in the military for years that helped me perform at the highest level during operations missions…

And I put it ALL into this program.

Coach Smith and I spent months perfecting the training, building the community, and thinking of everything you need to become an elite tactical athlete.

It’s the program I wish I had during my career as a Clearance Diver.

It’s the exact training I still use today, and the training Coach Smith is using today to prepare for UK Special Forces selection.

And now you can avoid the mistakes I made, stop worrying about what to do in your training, and get all the support you need…

Introducing the proven program designed specifically to get you performing at an elite level in the tactical environment:

The exact training, veteran guidance, and supportive community that will prepare you to take on any challenge.

Take a look at the complete program…

The Training

  • Completely done for you programming every week — all you have to do is show up and put in the work.

We send you a link every Friday with the exact routines and exercises you’ll be doing the next week.

We take you from mobility warm ups all the way to your cool down, and everything inbetween.

You won’t ever have to wonder what you should be doing in your workouts — it’s all thought out for you.

And you can trust that it’s the best programming available to get you ready for the tactical environment.

  • Progressive training that’s designed to never let you plateau, but never let you burnout or get injured.

Whether you’re brand new to tactical athlete training or already at a fairly high level, we meet you where you’re at.

We have 3 tiers of custom training depending on your current fitness level – Recruit, Graduate, and Operator.

We methodically planned this training out to cover you for years — it’s designed to keep you making progress for the long term.

Not just for 8 weeks, or 90 days, like other programs out there…

How far you take yourself is completely up to you, but the programming to become elite in the tactical environment is there.

  • Weekly pro tip about nutrition, recovery, or anything else that will dramatically increase your performance.

We include a crucial pro tip in your weekly email.

These are golden nuggets that myself and Coach Smith picked up only after all our years in the military and as a high performance athlete.

These tips are often overlooked, and they will give you an edge that most people won’t have.

The Veteran Guidance

  • Full access to myself and Coach Smith whenever you need help, guidance, or motivation.

We respond to every member in our TFL facebook group within 24 hours (and often much sooner) — day in and day out.

If you ever feel stuck or have questions, we are there to support you.

We never judge, we’re open-minded and encourage questions, and we’re doing this because we care.

Interacting with our community is the best part about what we do.

We’ll even make every effort to Skype or Facetime you to help you get what you need.

No other tactical athlete training program offers this much personal guidance from coaches who’ve walked the walk — we guarantee it!

The Community

  • Access to an overflow of support from a community of people training for the tactical environment — our members even describe it as a camaraderie.

You’ll have access to a group of people just like you.

Social support can be the most important factor when it comes to following through with a goal.

When you want to quit or skip a workout, our members will keep pushing you until you become your best.

And we’re working towards organizing more live meet ups!

When you join us in TFL, you get access to everything you need to give you the best chance of:

  • passing selection
    acing recruit school
    qualifying for elite tactical roles like Special Forces
    upholding your duty on the field at the highest level
    reaching a peak level of physical and mental performance that will help you dominate all aspects of your life

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The Best Training For The Tactical Environment

We’re confident that this is the best training out there to build you into an elite tactical athlete.

Why should you believe us? Well, besides the fact that we use this training ourselves and we know from experience what it takes to be operational ready…

  • I was in a tactical career in the RAN for 10 years with 5 years as a Clearance Diver
  • Coach Smith was a high performance Rugby athlete for 15 years, and he’s currently training for the UK Special Forces
  • We have decades of combined strength and conditioning coaching experience

We think it’s the best because this training does something that no other training method will — it develops you into a complete, well-rounded athlete prepared for the exact challenges you’ll face in the tactical environment.

It’s not about looking pretty or having the biggest bench.

It’s about overall performance when it’s all on the line.

That’s what we’re training for.

And how we get you there is by emulating physical and mental challenges you’ll be facing during a selection, recruit school, distress call, or operations mission.

We do this by using exercises from the seven fundamental movements — including push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry, rotation, and counter-rotation.

And by using principles of strongman training, pack marching, parkour style movements, calisthenics, neurological adaptations, and much more.

The Perfect Formula For Creating A Tactical Machine

We address your structural issues to prevent injury and optimize your movement.

We cover all the foundational movements.

We cover all the training methods that are valuable for the tactical environment.

And then we put it into a complete training program that will build your highest levels of:

  • STRENGTH — so you never say “I can’t do it”
  • ENDURANCE — so you never tire while on duty
  • MOBILITY — so your movements are flawless and you stay injury free
  • POWER — so nothing holds you down
  • WORK CAPACITY — so you can keep going when others can’t
  • RESILIENCE — so that under any amount of pressure you never falter and instead stay calm and focused

And if that wasn’t enough, we are the only tactical athlete training program that can guarantee you’ll be part of an active community.

This is where we’re completely different.

We don’t just give you a workout program every week.

We are committed to your success, if you are.

We started this program purely because we give a damn, and we genuinely want to help anybody who’s training for the tactical environment.

And we built a community that shares those same values.

When you join TFL, you get access to it all.

But don’t take my word for it — listen to what current members say about the training and the community…

“Now with the TFL, I have a weekly, structured program so there’s no procrastinating about what I should do each day for training, and there is always something that’ll test you each week. Ben and the team at The Frogman Project have taught me everything I know about training, especially as I train out of my home gym, and they have built me up from scratch. I can’t recommend them enough.

“I think the community that exists around The Frogman Project is awesome. Everyone is always willing to help you out, share their experiences, and most importantly motivate you to achieve more. I’ve learnt a lot about training and what you can achieve just from being apart of the group.”

-Sam Devine

“The community is probably the best part! Surrounding yourself with driven, athletic people constantly giving advice and seeing others smash their goals is highly motivating.”


“Went for a slow run today just to try and loosen up my legs. Looked down at my watch and I was 500m at 3mins. Remembered what you said yesterday and thought these are the times you suck it up and hit the time limit so I ran as hard as I could till 2.4k and hit 11 on the dot, so ran 2k in 8 mins! Pretty stoked, pissed I didn’t just go hard from the start. I know if I never joined TFL and Frogman Project I wouldn’t have this new mindset and attribute all the fitness success I’ve had is from following you guys. Thanks heaps bro!! Kapooka gonna be a piece of cake . . .”

-Zac Hurst

Be One Of The 100 With Access To This Training

We guarantee that members of TFL are offered more personal one-on-one support than any other tactical athlete training program out there.

The reason we can do that is because we put the integrity of TFL above all else.

We aren’t interested in having the largest community or the most members — we’re in this to build the highest quality community and to get our members the best results and the level of support they need.

Because of that, TFL is limited to only 100 members at any one time.

We’ll be completely honest with you — we think this membership is highly valuable, and we want it to be available to the people who will get the most out of it.

We encourage anyone interested in this style of training to join, whether they’re in a tactical career or not.

BUT, if you aren’t coming in ready to work…

And if you don’t plan on being part of a supportive, helpful, and interactive group of people all training for the same cause…

Then we don’t think TFL is right for you.

If you are ready to begin your journey to becoming an elite tactical athlete, then now is the time.

Because once we fill up, we won’t be accepting new members.

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Try TFL Risk-Free For 30 Days — If You Don’t Like It, Leave With Your Money Back

When you invest in yourself with TFL, you’re protected by my completely risk-free guarantee…

While we recommend committing to the program for 90 days to see real results, we invite you to try TFL for a full 30 days — experience the training, the community, and the personal guidance from myself and Coach Smith.

If TFL doesn’t blow your expectations out of the water, then I will happily refund you every cent of your money and cancel your membership.

I can offer you that guarantee because I know this program works.

I know it works for myself and Coach Smith, and it’s worked for dozens and dozens of my tactical athletes that I’ve coached.

The only requirement from you is that you commit to putting in the work.

The best training and coaching in the world aren’t worth shit if you aren’t committed and willing to do the work.

If you are, then you belong in TFL.


3 sessions a week

@ 1 hr a session.

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Pushups
  • 5 Supine rows
  • 10 Air squats
  • 50% Body weight deadlift
  • Tread water for 3 min
  • 400 m run in less than 1:20 min.


5 sessions a week

@ 1.5 hr a session

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Pull-ups
  • 5 Dips
  • Body weight squat with 80% BW or more
  • 120% Body weight deadlift
  • 1 x 5 m rope climb with legs
  • 100 m swim in less than 3 min.
  • 400 m run in less than 60 sec.


6 days a week @ 2-3 hrs a day,

divided between 1-2 sessions

Baseline Requirements

  • 3 Ring muscle-ups
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • Body weight squat with 150% BW or more
  • 2 x Body weight deadlift
  • 3 x 5 m rope climb with no legs
  • 500 m swim in less than 10 min + 5 min tread water.
  • 800 m run in less than 2:20 min.

Right Here is where you can insert the descriptions of the Tiers and the equipment needed — this can almost act like an FAQ section with those 2 items plus the what if I’m not in the military question below

What If I’m Not In The Military? I’m A Police Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Etc. — Is TFL Right For Me?

Absolutely — You may not be going through a selection or being forced to pass as rigorous of physical fitness testing to be accepted for those roles, but you will 100% need the strength and resilience of a tactical athlete to perform your duty at the highest levels.

Here is what some current members from those groups have to say…

First off and something which I feel I need to point out, to anybody considering the TFL is whilst much of what you post appears to lean towards the military, the programming works and works bloody well for Law Enforcement folk, like myself. The beauty in the variety and way in which you programme things, lies in the openness to adapt to suit what your role requires. For example, swimming to a high standard isn’t necessarily a crucial element for me, however, what I do is I tend to use this to allow me more time on the mats to drill BJJ, which as we all know is highly effective for looking after yourself in physical confrontation.

The programming itself is top notch and after only a relatively short time on the graduate programme, the benefits are evident. My stamina and work capacity have increased notably already. This is far reaching for me… Be it from being involved in foot chases, to not gassing when I’m on the mats or involved in physical confrontation. The strength work is more than ample, with the flexibility to add additional work in, if required. Again, this strength translates and is without doubt, crucial for the tactical athlete.

Everything in the programme is relatable to being a better and more effective Police Officer. It is obvious why each element of the programme is designed in the way it is. As I mentioned earlier, the adaptability of the programming means, that I can focus on adding additional time in on the mats for BJJ, which is highly beneficial to me and my role.

In short…
The TFL works.
The programming works.
The community is awesome and full of like minded athletes.


-Adam Jones, UK Police

“Since joining the Frogman Project my strength and conditioning has seen new developments. I’ve been constantly challenged every time you bring out a new weekly training program.
Your training concepts and methods support the crucial areas of fitness demanded from my work life. Your strongman training allowed me to carry heavier loads this year, something that I’ve been struggling with for a while. The results are constantly reflected at work and in the field environment and I’m confident to say that I’ll be seeing more.
Your training will be perfect for those who depend on their physical performance in their career such as firefighters, law and enforcement, Defence Force members, and Paramedics.”


Become An Elite Tactical Athlete In The Shortest Amount Of Time

Let me show you the exact training that will turn you into the most elite tactical athlete you can be.

Let me show you how motivated you can become when you surround yourself with people who are just as motivated and who have the same goals you do.

Let me show you that I created this program because I give a damn — because I was in your shoes once before and it’s what I wish I had.

And remember that your investment in yourself is completely protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee — if it doesn’t live up to your expectations just email me for a full refund.

Buy Button — Get Instant Access to TFL now for $59 AUD per month

Want to know more before diving in?